Dave reflects on Lou Reed

Dave reflects on Lou Reed

by Soul Asylum, November 1, 2016

Thursday October 27 marked the three-year anniversary of the death of former Velvet Underground frontman and rock legend Lou Reed. Speaking of Soul Asylum’s¬†experience performing with Reed at The Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame in Cleveland, OH, Dave said:

“I got the call from the hall of fame – ‘who should Soul Asylum play with?’ They where throwing suggestions like John Fogerty {who I love} around, but after a pause it seemed obvious that I should be on stage with the dark horses, the pivotal artists that may otherwise be overlooked……namely Iggy Pop and Lou Reed. When it was approved I was elated, hanging out with my heroes was a simple thrill. I always loved the song ‘Sweet Jane’, it was something I had been covering for years. Playing it with Lou was akin to fuckin’ around with electricity with Tesla. Turns out he was even nicer than his reputation too, a precious memory indeed…”

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