“Change of Fortune” is out now!

“Change of Fortune” is out now!

by Soul Asylum, March 18, 2016

It’s been a long journey to making this album and after a lot of toil, we’re extremely proud of the end result. It’s an album that embraces all that we love about music and it’s been made without any creative shackles. In that sense, it’s something more closely aligned to our music sensibilities than anything we’ve made before. We know you waited a long time for this and we thank you wholeheartedly and unreservedly for your support, patience and dedication.

If you’ve got yours already, we hope you’re listening to it non-stop for a long time to come. If you haven’t, there’s never been a better time than now. (DS: If you’re able to “you can grab your copy instantly from iTunes or order a physical copy from Amazon.)

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    • Alexander
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    • April 16, 2016

    Hi! I'm really looking foreward to the Album! Your Music, Soul Asylum is a Part of my life since Grave Dancers Union. I've been a Fan ever since. My favourite Album is ...and the Horse they rode in on. Hope to see you life someday, maybe this year?! Take care, Alexander, Munich, Germany

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